Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 909 + Power Supply + Soldering Iron (110V)

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Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 909 + Power Supply + Soldering Iron (110V)
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6.5 kg 110 V Warranty: 12 months
Multi-function soldering and hot air for maximum operation and minimum bench space repairing system. Read more
USD 99.00
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USD 99.00
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Accta 301 offers compact design, temperature display, hot air gun auto switch-off, 50 W soldering iron, 350 W hot air gun, soldering iron and hot air gun temperature range: 80-480°C.
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ID: 4061 2.75 kg 110

Soldering station AOYUE 909 with analog control equipped with indicating voltmeter and  amperemeter. Built-in continuous current power supply unit. Package includes - 4 nozzles for hot air gun, mechanic vacuum tweezers, testing and charging wires for mobile phones. Quick and easy operating mode installation by means of adjustable handles.


  • Independent control of soldering iron and hot air gun.
  • Station is equipped with safe diaphragm pump.
  • Ready-assembled wires: two wires for station connection, two wires with alligator clips, two wires with latch clamps, one wire with Motorola V 50 connector, one wire with Samsung A300 connector, one wire with universal Nokia connector.
  • Automatic cooling of heating element is provided after station shutdown for hot air gun protection.
  • Base package includes 4 changeable nozzles for hot air gun (1124, 1130, 1196, and 1197) and mechanical vacuum tweezers.  
  • Antistatic station performance enables to work with sensitive to static electricity components.
  • Soldering station is delivered in cardboard box with foam protective frame.
  • Soft rubber legs on the bottom panel ensure station robustness during work.
  • 5 A Protector located on back panel of the station.

Technical Specifications

Soldering station
Temperature range 100°C – 500°C
Soldering iron temperature adjustment Analogous, smooth
Termophene temperature adjustment Analogous, smooth
Airflow adjustment Analogous, smooth
Power supply voltage adjustment Analogous, smooth
Power consumption 250 W (max.)
Operating voltage 110 V
Continuous current voltage 1 – 15 V
Voltmeter 0 – 15 V
Ampermeter 0 - 1,5 A
Airflow 24 l/min. (max.)
Pump 803 (diaphragm)
Dimensions (LхWхH) 250 × 188 × 126 mm
Soldering iron plug 5-pinned
Nozzles 1124, 1130, 1196, 1197
Hot air gun
Heating element 10093 (2-pinned, with nichrome spiral)
Nozzle diameter 21,5 mm
Airflow Linear
Soldering iron
Model B001
Resistance between grounding and nozzle 2 Ω
Potential between grounding and nozzle 2 mV
Heating element C001 (4-pinned, ceramic)
Packed with standard bit Aoyue-I
Total length (without cable) 190 mm

Package Contents

  1. Soldering station Aoyue 909 – 1 pc.
  2. Termophene holder – 1 pc.
  3. Soldering iron stand – 1 pc.
  4. Nozzles (1124, 1130, 1196, 1197) – 4 pcs.
  5. Mechanical vacuum tweezers – 1 pc.
  6. Ready-assembled wires – 1 pc.
  7. Power cable, 1 m – 1 pc.
  8. Manual – 1 pc.
  9. Packing box with foam protective frame – 1 pc.

Compatible Soldering Tips

Pump type
  • compressor
Design type
  • Desktop
Vacuum pick-up tool
  • Non-available
Desoldering Pump
  • Non-available
Power Supply
  • Available
Soldering Iron Power
  • 35 W
Hot Air Gun Power
  • 600 W
Desoldering Gun
  • Non-available

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