LED Standalone Controller H803SA (8192 px)

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Allows controlling and displaying text/images on LED RGB modules. Max. number of pixels:8192.
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With the help of H803SA controller you will be able to control and display text/images on LED RGB modules. Programs are recorded on an SD card.

H803SA uses 8 output ports to drive up to 8192 pixels. Equipped with 3 control buttons and an LCD screen for convenient operation. Compatible with AC power supplies and can be connected to a DMX console.


Download LedBuild software

Download LedBuild software manual

Download H803SA user manual


  • Max. number of pixels: 8192
  • SD card support (max. 64 GB)
  • DMX support
  • 8 inputs (max. 1024 pixels per input)

Compatible ICs

LPD6803, LPD8806, LPD6812, LPD6813, LPD1882, LPD1889, LPD1883, LPD1886, APA102, APA104, P9813, P9823, LD1510, LD1512, LD1530, LD1532, UCS6909, UCS6912, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, WS2813, DZ2809, SM16716, TLS3001, TLS3002, TM1812, TM1809, TM1804, TM1803, TM1914, TM1926, TM1829, TM1906, INK1003, BS0825, BS0815, BS0901, LY6620, DM412, DM413, DM114, DM115, DM13C, DM134, DM135, DM136, 74HC595, 6B595, MBI6023, MBI6024, MBI5001, MBI5168, MBI5016, MBI5026, MBI5027, TB62726, TB62706, ST2221A, ST2221C, XLT5026, ZQL9712, ZQL9712HV.

Technical Specifications

Voltage DC 220 V
Protection level IP20
Output max. 8192 pixels
Control radius 30 m
Dimensions 145 × 140 × 54 mm
Weight 1200 g

Package Content

  • H803SA controller — 1 pc.
  • SD card — 1 pc.


Control type
  • standalone
Number of controlled pixels
  • 8192 pxls
  • 220 V
SD-card present
  • yes
Wi-Fi present
  • no
Remote control present
  • no
  • no




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LED Standalone Controller H803SA (8192 px)
LED Standalone Controller H803SA (8192 px)
USD 95.00
In stock
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