Outdoor LED lamps: Energy-saving and practical solution

LED Outdoor Lighting

It would seem that it’s still summer by the calendar, but autumn is already around the corner. Days are getting shorter and shorter…
So it's time you bought energy-saving lamps for street lighting with motion sensors! Thanks to built-in solar panels, these lamps do not need connection to the electrical mains. They are perfect for country-houses, holiday camps, restaurants, and other premises with outdoor areas.

These lamps offer the following advantages:

  • Using solar energy to recharge the battery
  • Motion sensor to turn on/off
  • Economy mode up to 5 hours
  • Maximum brightness mode up to 2 hours
  • Made of durable materials
  • Waterproof case
  • Automatic day/ night detection
  • Passive infrared sensor (PIR) that detects only motion of humans
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