Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope DSO Nano DSO201

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Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope DSO Nano DSO201
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Brand: DSO Nano
0.24 kg 110, 220 V Warranty: 6 months
Pocket-sized digital oscilloscope with 1 MHz sample rate, 1Msps 12Bits maximum sample rate and 4096 point sample memory depth. Read more
USD 75.00
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USD 75.00
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The DSO supports a FAT16 formatted microSD card and USB connection. The DSO201 includes such specifications as up to 10mV/Div and 1us/Div sensitivity with 80Vpp maximum input voltage. The digital oscilloscope firmware can be updated easily.

DSO Nano DSO201 Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope Review

DSO Nano DSO201 Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope Features

  • Automatic measurement: frequency, cycle, duty, Vpp, Vram, Vavg and DC voltage
  • Precise vertical measurement with markers
  • Precise horizontal measurement with markers
  • Rising/falling edge trigger
  • Trigger level adjustable with indicator
  • Trigger sensitivity adjustable with indicator
  • Hold/run feature

DSO Nano DSO201 Digital Oscilloscope Hardware Features

  • Connectors between 2 PCB board
  • Modified circuit layout of inputting part
  • Thin-film keypad without the gasket
  • MCX precision plug probe

DSO Nano DSO201 Digital Oscilloscope Firmware Features

  • Modified pattern of background coordinate grid
  • Corrected grammatical errors in the boot prompt information
  • Changed UI mode of operation
  • "FIT" adaptive function for scan synchronization mode:
    1. automatically select the scan time according to the signal frequency
    2. automatically select the sensitivity of Y-axis according to the signal amplitude
  • Without SD card both "p" and "M" button can be pressed to save the current state as the boot state automatically
  • Supports saving as BMP files
  • Comparison waveform can be cancelled with "M" when AUTO
  • Open source

DSO Nano DSO201 Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope Technical Specifications

Display 2.8" 320×240 Colour TFT LCD
65K colour
Analog Bandwidth 0 - 1MHz
Maximum Sample Rate 1Msps 12Bits
Sample Memory Depth 4096 Point
Horizontal Sensitivity 1uS/Div~10S/Div 1-2-5 Step)
Horizontal Position Adjustable with Indicator
Vertical Sensitivity 10mV/Div~10V/Div (with ×1 Probe)
0.5V/Div~100V/Div (with ×10 Probe)
Vertical Position Adjustable with Indicator
Input Impedance 500KΩ
Max Input Voltage 80Vpp (by ×1 Probe)
Coupling DC
Trigger Modes Auto, Normal, Single, None and Scan
Test Signal Built-in 10Hz~1MHz (1-2-5 Step)
Waveform Storage SD Card
PC Connection via USB as SD Card Reader
Upgrade by Bootloader via USB
Power Supply 3.7V Chargeable Lithium Battery/USB
Dimension (w/o Probe), mm 105×53×8
Weight, g 60

DSO Nano DSO201 Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope Package Content

  • DS0201(DSO Nano) v1.6 (1 piece)
  • 700mA Lithium Battery (1 piece)
  • Back Plate (1 piece)
  • Mini-Probe and Clips
Screen Size
  • 2.8" TFT display
Number of channels
  • single-channel
Storage Capacity
  • 4 kB
  • 1 MHz
  • portable
  • with built-in generator
Sample Rate
  • 1 MS/s

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