Regulated Power Supply Unit GRATTEN APS3005S-3D

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Constant current (0-5A) and voltage (0-30V) supply unit with two adjustable channels and one fixed (5V, 3A).
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GRATTEN APS3005S-3D supplies DC current (0-5A) and voltage (0-30V) and is ideal for educational institutions and research labs. It has 2 independent adjustable and 1 fixed channels (5V, 3A).


  • 2 adjustable and 1 fixed channels
  • Low ripple and noise level
  • Overload and reverse polarity protection
  • Independent, Parallel and Series channel modes

Comparative Specifications

Model APS3003S-3D APS3005S-3D
Rated output voltage 0-30V (Adjustable)
Rated output current 0-3 A (Adjustable) 0-5 A (Adjustable)
AC input voltage  AC 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Display precision ±0.5%rdg + 2d
Ripple and noise ≤1mV rms
Load stability ≤0.01% + 3mV
Display resolution voltage 0.1V and current 0.01A
Fixed (3rd) channel 5V, 3A
Protection current limited lower voltage,
short circuit protection and
over-temperature protection.
Cooling method strong wind cooling


Number of channels
  • three-channel
  • transformer
Max. Voltage
  • up to 30 V
Max. Current
  • up to 5 A
Indicator type
  • LED indicators




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Regulated Power Supply Unit GRATTEN APS3005S-3D
Regulated Power Supply Unit GRATTEN APS3005S-3D
USD 141.00
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