Uni-T UT171B High-Precision Handheld Multimeter Video Review


Uni-T UT171B meter is designed for professional application in the fields of:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Repair operations
  • Development

Youtube video

Multimeter Main Features:

  • high contrast 60,000 counts EBTN display;
  • TrueRMS measurements;
  • AC+DC measurement mode;
  • MAX/MIN/Average, Peak HOLD functions;
  • relative measurement functions;
  • store/recall functions;
  • Li-ion battery.

Measurement Functions:

  • AC low-impedance voltage;
  • AC voltage;
  • DC voltage;
  • Low voltage & temperature;
  • Resistance, capacitance, diode & continuity test;
  • Frequency;
  • AC/DC current;
  • Non-contact AC voltage detecting.

Uni-T UT171B is characterized by all possible functions of a modern multimeter. This allows using it for solving almost any measuring tasks.

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