Fusion Splicer Fujikura 80C

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Made in Japan
18 kg 110, 220 V Warranty: 24 month (s)
Core-to-core alignment single fiber splicer for single-count optical fibers: SM (G.652/657), MM (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655) for telecommunication use, PON/FTTx networks, etc. Splicing time: 6 s, heating time: 9 s.
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Fujikura 80C Fusion Splicer is core-to-core alignment single fiber splicer designed for splicing single-count optical fibers: SM (G.652/657), MM (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655) for telecommunication use, PON/FTTx networks, etc.

Extremely fast splicing takes only 6 seconds, and heating takes only 9 seconds.

The device is optimized for splicing under severe weather conditions, it is protected from stress and shock. It may be powered from 200 V AC, or using a battery (included). For user comfort the package contains a convenient working table, where you may place the needed tools: a cleaver, a stripper, sleeves, etc.


  • Splices all known types of fibers.
  • Fiber core alignment.
  • Typical average splice loss for single mode cable with G.652D fiber is only 0.02 dB.
  • Highly reduced splicing time – 6 seconds only.
  • Highly reduced heating time – 9 seconds only.
  • Increased electrode lifetime – up to 3000 splicing cycles with one set, without splicing quality loss.
  • Battery life increased up to 200 full splicing/heating cycles.
  • Rotary color anti-glare LCD 4.73", high contrast and vividness.
  • Simultaneous display of X and Y axes.
  • May splice SC, LC, MPO connectors.
  • Automatic: wind-protective lid, heater, fiber holders.
  • Increased water, dust and shock resistance, may be used under severe environment conditions.
  • Automatic arc calibration.
  • Battery BTR-09 is included.
  • New comfortable carrying case, optimized for quick operation start.
  • The case may be used as a working table.
  • Operation manual is installed into the splicer.
  • Software update option.

Technical Specifications

Splicing / Heating
Typical Splicing Time 6 sec (for SM)
Typical Heating Time 9 sec (for 60 mm sleeves)
Applicable Fibers SMF (ITU-T G.652)
MMF (ITU-T G.651)
DSF (ITU-T G.653)
CSF (ITU-T G.654)
Fiber with low sensitivity to bends (ITU-T G.657)
Erbium-doped fiber
Cladding Diameter 80 μm – 150 μm
Coating Diameter 100 μm – 3,000 μm
Fiber Cleave Length 5 – 16 mm
Typical Average Splice Loss 0,02 dB (SMF)
0,01 dB (mmF)
0,04 dB (DSF)
0,04 dB (NZDSF)
Splice Loss Estimate core
angular offset
fiber deformation
Return Loss ≤60 dB
Compatible Protection Sleeves 60 mm
40 mm
Splicing Modes 100 user programmable
Heating Modes 30 (10 preset + 20 user programmable)
Internal Memory up to 2000 splice results and parameters
Additional Options
Mechanical Proof Test stretching force 1.96 – 2.25 N
Electrodes lifetime 3000 cycles
External Interfaces USB 1.1, Mini-DIN
Data Display
Screen type rotary anti-glare LCD
Screen Size 4.73"
Colour Yes
Viewing Yes (2 CMOS cameras)
Magnification х200
Power Supply
Adapter ADC-19 220 V AC
Battery BTR-09 4000 mAh
Battery Cycles up to 200 splicing/heating cycles
Operation Conditions
Temperature –10 ~ +50°C
Altitude above sea level 0 ~ 5000 m
RH 0 ~ 95%
Max. wind velocity 34 mph / 15 m/s
Storage Conditions
Temperature –40 ~ +80 °C
RH 0 ~ 95%
Shock Resistance height: 76 cm, any surface
Dust Resistance dust particles from 0.1 to 500 μm
Rain Resistance 10 mm/h for 10 min
Dimensions & Weight
Width 150 mm
Length 159 mm
Height 146 mm
Weight 2,5 kg (with adapter ADC-18)
2,7 kg (with battery BTR-09)

Data Sheet

PDF  Download Fujikura 80C Data Sheet.

Package Contents

  • Fujikura 80C Fusion Splicer — 1 pc.
  • ADC-18 power adapter/charger adapter — 1 pc.
  • AC power cord — 1 pc.
  • BTR-09 detachable battery pack — 1 pc.
  • DCC-18 battery charge cord — 1 pc.
  • JP-06 J-plate — 1 pc.
  • ELCT2-20A spare electrodes — 1 pair
  • USB-01 USB cable — 1 pc.
  • SL-01 sleeve loader — 1 pc.
  • AP-01 alcohol pot — 1 pc.
  • SC-01 screwdriver — 1 pc.
  • CC-30 carrying case — 1 pc.
  • CD with Data Connection Software and Video Instruction Manual — 1 pc.
  • Quick reference guide — 1 pc.
Fusion Splicer Fujikura 80C - Short description
Fusion Splicer Fujikura 80C
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