Fusion Splicer INNO IFS-15S

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Core-alignment fusion splicer is compatible with a wide range of cables which are popular in FTTx. Splicing time: 7 s. Heating time: 35 s.
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INNO IFS-15S is a core-alignment fusion splicer with the new Digital Analysis Core Alignment System (DACAS). This is one of the most dependable splicer on the market. The IFS-15S is compatible with being widely used fibers and cables. It combines the function of both splicing and heating for those cables which are popular in FTTx: 250 μm fiber, 900 μm fiber, flat cable, and fiber jumper.

The IFS-15S has a friendly, intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a 4.3 inch high-resolution color LCD screen that is easy to see and use. With a compact size of the fusion splicer, it brings much more convenience for customers who works in the telecommunication field.


  • Graphical user-friendly interface
  • Compact size, weight 1.82 kg (without battery)
  • High and effective fusion precision
  • USB port - easy to upgrade software
  • Digital Analysis Core Alignment System
  • Universal replaceable fiber holder
  • Optimized menu


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Technical Specifications

Splicing / Heating
Typical Splicing Time 7 s (SM quick mode)
Typical Heating Time 35 s
Applicable Fibers SM (ITU-TG.652) / MM (ITU-TG.651) / DS (ITU-TG.653) / NZDS (ITU-TG.655) / ITU-TG.657A / ITU-TG.657B
Coverage Diameter 100 ~ 1000 μm
Diametr of Spliced Fiber 0.25 mm / 0.9 mm / 2.0 mm / 2.4 mm / 3.0 mm / Plume
Fiber Cleave Length 8 ~ 16 mm (coverage up to 250-1000 μm)
Typical Average Splice Loss SM: 0.02 dB / MM: 0.01 dB / DS: 0.04 dB / NZDS: 0.04 dB / G.657: 0,02 dB (ITU-T Standard)
Losses Estimation Yes
Return Losses >> 60 dB
Loss function 0,1 dB -20 dB (0,1 dB st.)
Splice Loss Estimate core, clad, manual, pre-set attenuation (0 - 20 dB)
Fiber Types Detection SM, MM, DS, NZDS
Compatible Protection Sleeves 10/20/30/40/50/60 mm
Splicing Modes Maximum 64, pre-set 24
Heating Modes 32
Fiber Holder Type Standard replacement
Internal Memory 100 splice results
Additional Options
Mechanical Proof Test Yes, 0.96 - 2.25 N (standard)
Electrodes lifetime 2500 cycles
External Interfaces USB 2.0/RS232
Software update Yes
Data Display
Screen Type LCD
Screen Size 4,3"
Colour Yes
Viewing 2 cameras
Magnification 300х
Surface Protection Impact resistant glass
Power Supply
Battery Life 157 cycles, battery capacity: 4200 mAH
Supply Voltage
DC 18 V
Technology Lithium-ion
Operation Conditions
Temperature -10 ~ +50 °C
Altitude above sea level 0-5000 m
RH 0-95%
Storage Conditions
Temperature –40 ~ +80 °C, battery: -20 ~ +30°C
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 155 × 130 × 137 mm
Weight 1.82 kg, without battery
Body color Rose Red

Package Contents

  • Fusion Splicer INNO IFS-15S — 1 pc.
    • Cleaver Inno VF-15H — 1 pc.
    • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery LBT-40 — 1 pc.
    • Power supply / Charger — 1 pc.
    • Data cable — 1 pc.
    • Power cord for connection to a car cigarette lighter — 1 pc.
    • Equipment Cord — 1 pc.
    • Replacement electrodes (a pair) — 1 pc.
    • CD software — 1 pc.
    • Shoulder strap — 1 pc.
    • Sleeves box — 1 pc.
    • Transport case — 1 pc.
Youtube video
Fusion Splicer INNO IFS 15S - Short description
Fusion Splicer INNO IFS-15S
USD 2550.00
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