Infrared BGA Rework Station Jovy Systems RE-7550

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Infrared BGA Rework Station Jovy Systems RE-7550
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Brand: Jovy Systems
25 kg 220 V Warranty: 12 months
A rework station using dark medium infrared technology for lead-free PCB component soldering and desoldering. Heating process control via software. Upper heater power: 300 W, bottom heater power: 800 W. Read more
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Jovy Systems RE-7550 is the latest technological advance in cost effective solutions for rework systems market. It is the latest rework station using the dark medium infrared technology for lead free soldering and desoldering of any PCB component. All elements are high quality, manufactured in Germany and assembled in China.


  • Full heating power control from 0% to 100%.
  • Full control over the machine via machine interface and PC suite software.
  • Lead-free compatible soldering tool.
  • Flexible application for all kinds of components like SMD, BGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA and all epoxy non-defiled µBGA etc.
  • The system uses IR with no damage to adjacent components.
  • Complete reworking processes (pre-heating, soak, re-flow & cooling) stages are achieved for an accurate and standard reworking process.
  • IR safe for the adjacent component.
  • Sensitive temperature measurement probe to obtain accurate and instantaneous temperature reading and monitoring
  • Built-in "picking system" for safe and stable removal of the ICs.
  • Manual or automatic (profiled) modes of PCB cooling.
  • Guaranteed even and safe heat distribution.
  • Accurate and timely transfer of heat energy to the precise location.
  • Freely programmable temperature profiles.
  • Real time process monitor on your PC or laptop.
  • Avoids hot and cold spot occurrence without nozzle focus hood.
  • Optimal reballing equipment.
  • Positioning during rework process is performed by means of the laser pointer on PCB.
  • Precise and smooth X-Y running table (included into the package).
  • Easy & user-friendly operation via automatic, manual or PC modes.
  • Ready for sophisticated future technologies.
  • One year warranty.


Complete range of rework applications in medium and large scale service centers:

  • Mobile and radio systems devices
  • Cellular phones, PDAs, handhelds, laptops, notebooks & motherboards
  • LAN devices, network nodes and military communication equipment
  • Portable medical equipment


The software for Jovy Systems RE-7550 Infrared BGA Rework Station is developed to enable the user to monitor and control all features and processes. The information between the soldering station and user's PC is transferred via USB interface. The software also supports the following features:

  • Real time PCB temperature monitoring.
  • Switching between temperature measuring modes (°C / °F).
  • Complete process graph saving, printing & archiving.
  • User profile creation and uploading.
  • Upload and adjust machine settings (sleep mode, alarm sound, etc).
  • Upload initial factory settings.
  • Download & run standard profiles created by customer/equipment type.

Technical Specifications

Top heater power 300 W
Bottom preheater power 800 W
Total power 1100 W
Preheating area 140 × 140 mm
Max PCB size 200 × 200 mm
Machine memory 50 profiles
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Package Contents

  • Jovy Systems RE-7550 station
  • Power cord
  • X-Y moving table
  • Instruction manual
  • USB cable
  • Suction cups
  • Extra fuse
  • Thermocouple
  • Vacuum pick-up tool
  • Hex key

Auxiliary Equipment

Jovy Systems JV-PMC Soldering Process Monitoring Camera Soldering-Process-Monitoring-Camera-Jovy-Systems-JV-PMC
ACHI LP-56 BGA Reballing Kit BGA-Reballing-Kit-ACHI-LP-56
Bottom heater size
  • 12x12 cm
Total power
  • 1100 W
Control type
  • microcontroller / PC synchronization
Upper heater type
  • ceramic
Bottom heater type
  • ceramic
Upper heater power
  • 300 W

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