All You Need for BGA Reballing


We know that doing this whole reballing procedure isn’t as easy as it looks like, and there are so many kinds of tools and equipment you’ll need while reballing a chip.

But there is nothing to worry about. We have chosen the most popular equipment and prepared some great discounts on these items:

Infrared Soldering Station ACHI IR-PRO-SC
Multipurpose repair kit designed specially for recovery of huge circuit boards such as motherboards. Power: 2500 W.
USD 1049.00 
USD 830.00
Infrared BGA Rework Station ACHI IR-6500
Multi-function semi-automatic infrared BGA rework system with PC synchronization and ceramic emitter for repairing PCBs of Xbox, PS3, laptops, PC motherboards, etc.
USD 790.00 
USD 580.00
Infrared BGA Rework Station ACHI IR-12000
Multi-function semi automatic infrared soldering system with embedded industrial PC. Power: 3650 W. 3 heating areas.
USD 1300.00 
USD 1050.00

And here you may find consumables and accessories for BGA reballing:

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