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NK-103C NJC-160
Biological Microscope NK-103C (KONUS CAMPUS Analog) Metallurgical Trinocular Microscope NJC-160
Binocular biological microscope NK-103C is designed for medical and biological use, namely for researches in hematology, urology, pathologoanatomy, cytology, dermatology, biological and clinical trials.

  • 45° inclined and 360° rotational precise optical system
  • 3X revolving nosepiece and large stage with special hard durable covering
  • 10X wide-angle eyepiece WF10
  • Focusable Abbe NA1.25 condenser
  • Achromatic objectives DIN4X,40X, 100X
  • Attachable stage with a slide
  • Sharpness COARSE/FINE adjustment
  • Built-in incandescent lamp 220V/15W, brightness adjustable
  • ;

Metallurgical microscope NJC-160 is designed for the inspection and analysis of the structure of various metals, alloys and non-metal materials.

  • Universal Infinity System, providing excellent optical functions
  • Equipped with the incident and transmitted illumination
  • Widely used in electronic industry and chemical engineering in combination with instruments and meters to inspect surfaces of opaque materials, PCB chips, LCDs, wires, fibers, plating etc.
  • Can be used for biological researches

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