Cable Services Kit Pro'sKit PK-4015

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Code: 9139
Weight: 1.94 kg
Availability in stock: HKEUCN

Pro'sKit PK-4015 Short Review: - Case Size: 333x210x50 mm (O.D.) - Weight: 1.6 kg - Individual Packing: Inner box & Color label shrink

Pro'sKit PK-4015 cable services kit.


  • Weight: 1.6 kg.
  • Case Size: 333x210x50 mm.

Contents and Specifications

Pro'sKit MT-7068 All-in-one Toner & Probe Kit
Pro'sKit CP-373 Pro-Crimper Modular Tool
Pro'sKit CP-3148 Impact and Punch Down Tool With 110/88 & 66 Blade 
Pro'sKit CP-505 Universal Stripping Tool (UTP/STP, RG-59/6/7/11)
Pro'sKit 1PK-SD006 6-in-1 Magnetic Quick Change Screwdriver
Pro'sKit SR-332 All Purpose Snip
Pro'sKit 9ST-PK4015 Carring Zipper bag

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