UNI-T UTDM 12202CE (UTD2202CE):

Digital Oscilloscope UNI-T UTD2202CE

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Weight: 4 kg
Voltage: 110 V, 220 V
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UNI-T UTDM 12202CE (UTD2202CE) Short Review: Dual-channel digital oscilloscope with 200 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s real-time sample rate, 50 GSa/s equivalent sample rate, 2 × 512 k memory.

UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope is a compact and lightweight dual-channel digital oscilloscope (200 MHz). Convenient 5.7-inch color liquid-crystal display of the oscilloscope ensures bright and sharp waveform representation.

UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope is a good choice for production tests, R&D, design and all other applications involving testing and troubleshooting, as well as education and training.

UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope Features

  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz.
  • 2 analog channels.
  • Real-time sample rate: 1 GSa/s.
  • Memory: 2 × 512 k.
  • 28 auto measurements.
  • Special digital filter and waveform recorder.
  • 5.7-inch color LCD.
  • Vertical sensitivity: 2 mV/div – 5 V/div.
  • Versatile trigger modes: Edge, Pulse, Video and Alternate.
  • Math functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, FFT.
  • Standard interface: USB Host & Device, to support USB flash memory and USB printer.
  • Optional interface: LAN.
  • Compact design, small dimensions, light weight.

UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope Technical Specifications

Bandwidth 200 MHz
Channels 2
Real time sample rate 1 GSa/s
Equivalent sample rate 50 GSa/s
Memory 2 × 512 k
Vertical sensitivity range 2 mV/div – 5 V/div
Rise time ≤1.8 ns
Time base range 20 ns/div – 50 s/div
Math Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, FFT
Trigger modes Edge, Pulse, Video and Alternate
Storage 10 setups and 10 waveforms (.bmp, .csv)
General Characteristics
Display 5.7" (145 mm) color LCD (320 × 240), 64 k
Interface Standard: USB Host / Device
Optional: LAN
Power source 100–240 V AC RMS, 45 Hz – 440 Hz, CAT II
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 320 × 150 × 130 mm

UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope User Manual

Download UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope User Manual & Software Installation Guide.

UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope Sofware

Download UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope Sofware.

UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope Package Contents

  • UNI-T UTD2202CE Digital Oscilloscope (1 pc.)
  • Probes (2 pcs.)
    • 1x
    • 10x
  • Power Cord (1 pc.)
  • User Manual & Software Installation Guide (1 pc.)

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