Fusion Splicer Comway C10

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Comway C10 Short Review: Powerful tool for splicing any fiber optic cable. Automatic identification of fiber type and splicing mode. Core-to-Core alignment system.

Comway C10 is a powerful tool for splicing any fiber optic cable. Comway C10 can be used in various working conditions for field fiber splicing. Due to the long battery life, the Comway C10 fusion splicer keeps operating even in the toughest environments.


  • Core-to-Core alignment system.
  • Automatic identification of fiber type and splicing mode.
  • Fast boot technology
  • 9 sec. splice time, 25 sec. heating time
  • High speed USB interface
  • Dust, rain, wind and shock resistant

Technical Specifications

Applicable fibers SM (ITU-T G.652), MM (ITU-T G.651), DS (ITU-T G.653), NZ/NZDS (ITU-T G.655), BI (ITU-T G.657)
Splice mode single fiber
Cladding diameter 80 - 150 µm
Coating diameter 100 - 1000 µm
Cleave length 8~16 mm
Average splice loss SM: 0.02 dB, MM: 0.01 dB, DS: 0.04 dB, NZ/NZDS: 0.04 dB, BI: 0.02 dB
Return loss ≥ 60 dB
Average splice time
  • 6 sec. SM-SM Fast program
  • 12 sec. AUTO program
Splice protector 10-60 mm
Splice data storage max. 3000
Fiber magnification
  • 300x for X or Y single axis view
  • 180x for both X and Y dual-axis view
Display and camera 2 cameras,
4.1-inch color screen
Electrode life 3500 arc discharges
Power supply / battery AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
7800 mAh battery
Dimensions 135 (W) x 149 (H) x 156 (D) mm
Weight 2 kg (w/o battery)

Package Contents

  • Comway C10 fusion splicer
  • BAT-01 high capacity battery
  • ADC-01 AC adaptor
  • ACC-01 AC power cable
  • DCC-01 DC adapter cable
  • CP-01 carrying case
  • Clooing Tray
  • CC-01 high precision cleaver
  • CS-01 cable stripper
  • USBC-01 USB cable
  • CE-02 spare electrode
  • Quick reference guide

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