Soldering Iron GOOT TQ-77

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Voltage: 220 V
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Goot TQ-77 Short Review: A two stage high power heater with ergonomic design. Power consumption: 100 - 110 W.

GOOT TQ-77 - two stage high power heater with ergonomic design.


  • Stage heat switching system.
  • Pulling the trigger boosts the output power from 100 to 110 W. Hold it no longer than 10 seconds.
  • Ergonomic design: the pistol grip was designed through careful ergonomics research. It can be operated for extended periods comfortably even by someone with a small hand. The design allows full concentration on the work by making it easy to see the tip.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 220 V, AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
100 - 110 W
Length 167 mm (w/o cord bushing)
Weight 90 g (w/o cord)

Optional Accessories

Pro'sKit SH-4020

Soldering Iron Box

Dimensions: 270 × 78 × 43 mm.

Pro'sKit 8S005

Soldering Paste

Weight: 50 g.

Pro'sKit 8PK-031B

Desoldering Wick

Length: 1.5 m. Width: 2.0 mm.

Pro'sKit 8PK-033E


Wire diameter: 1 mm.

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