Hot Air Rework Station Accta 301A (110 V)

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Accta 301 offers compact design, temperature display, hot air gun auto switch-off, 50 W soldering iron, 350 W hot air gun, soldering iron and hot air gun temperature range: 80-480°C.
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Accta 301A – dual-channel hot air soldering/desoldering station. The station is equipped with a hot air gun, a soldering iron, hor air gun and soldering iron holders, a soldering iron tip and hot air nozzles.

The hot air gun temperature controller enables regulating and monitoring the hot air flow temperature most accurately. After the hot air gun is positioned on the holder, the station starts cooling the heating element automatically and then puts the hot air gun in standby mode.

Accta soldering station uses a soldering iron having high heat emission and excellent operation stability. A heat-resistant cable is an added benefit, and so is a reliable 6-Pin DIN-style connector. Accta shows the real temperature of the soldering iron and the hot air flow on its displays.

The soldering station has a robust metal housing and is equipped with a master switch, as well as separate switches for each channel (soldering iron and hot air gun channels). High capacity of the toroidal transformer guarantees stable operation at highest loads. The transformer provides a complete galvanic isolation of all power circuits, including heating elements of the soldering iron and hot air gun. The soldering station provides multi-level protection against overloads. The safety system shuts down the soldering station in case of emergency.


  • Ultra-compact device.
  • Microprocessor control system.
  • Real-time temperature display.
  • Allows temperature monitoring when the tip touches with the surface.
  • Temperature parameters control using analog adjusting potentiometers.
  • Hot air gun overheating protection.
  • Soldering iron temperature accuracy ±5 °C.
  • Soldering iron linear temperature characteristic.
  • Soldering iron heat-up time up to 12 seconds.
  • Hot air gun auto switch-off.
  • Soldering iron compatibility with Hakko 900M standard replacement soldering tips.
  • FCC certified.
  • The power cord may be disconnected and replaced. The connection type is IEC cord (C13/C14).
  • CE certified.

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption 450 W
Soldering Iron Power  50 W
Hot Air Gun Power 350 W
Soldering Iron Temperature Range 80 – 480 °C
Hot Air Gun Temperature Range 80 – 480 °C
Soldering Iron Heating Element ceramic
Hot Air Gun Heating Element metal heating core
Air Pump Type turbine blower
Air Capacity 120 l/min
Power Input 110 V, 60 Hz
Main Unit & Hot Air Gun Holder Size 190 × 194 × 103 mm
Main Unit Size (without holder) 128 × 194 × 100 mm
Weight 2.3 kg

The default plug type is Type A. In case you need a different plug please contact our manager.


Package Contents

  1. Accta 301A Hot Air Rework Station – 1 pc.
  2. Hot Air Gun Holder – 1 pc.
  3. Hot Air Nozzles – 3 pcs.
  4. Soldering Iron – 1 pc.
  5. AOYUE T-I Soldering Tip – 1 pc.
  6. Soldering Iron Holder – 1 pc.
  7. Tip Cleaning Sponge – 1 pc.
  8. User's Manual – 1 pc.

Compatible Soldering Tips


This device was developed and manufactured in Ukraine. Flag


Design type
  • Desktop
Hot Air Gun Power
  • 350 W
Soldering Iron Power
  • 50 W
Pump type
  • turbine
Desoldering Gun
  • Non-available
Desoldering Pump
  • Non-available
Power Supply
  • Non-available
Vacuum pick-up tool
  • Non-available





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Hot Air Rework Station Accta 301A (110 V)
Hot Air Rework Station Accta 301A (110 V)
USD 129.00
In stock
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