Have You Seen This? 5 Hottest Products Hit the Top This Summer!


Most often, we can identify products that are going to become bestsellers easily. But sometimes it comes as a surprise. Anyway, no matter what you choose, your choice is always perfect!

Check out the models that made it to the top this summer. Would you guess? We got 3 out of 5 right.

Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DS1102E
2 channels. 100 MHz bandwidth. 1 GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate, 25 GSa/s maximum equivalent sample rate. 1 Mpts memory depth.
USD 355.00 
USD 310.00
Digital Bench Multimeter UNI-T UT801
A digital bench multimeter for AC/DC current to 10 A and voltage to 1000 V, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature measurements and diode, continuity tests.
USD 75.00
Hot Air Rework System QUICK 713 ESD
Hot air rework system for soldering and desoldering with a hot air gun and a built-in vacuum pump.
USD 580.00
Ultrasonic Cleaner Jeken CE-5600A (orange)
0,75 L ultrasonic cleaner used for cleaning CDs, jewlery, tableware, as well as various spare parts, components, etc. Color: orange.
USD 40.00
Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator SIGLENT SDG2042X
Dual-channel function/arbitary waveform generator with 40 MHz max. output frequency, 1.2 GSa/s sample rate, 16 bits vertical resolution.
USD 493.00

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