AC Adapter/Battery Charger Fujikura ADC-18

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Fujikura ADC-18 Short Review: AC Adapter/Battery Charger for Fujikura 19S, 70S, 80S arc fusion splicers.

Fujikura ADC-18 AC Adapter/Battery Charger supplies DC power for Fujikura 19S, 70S, 80S Fusion Splicers. ADC-18 can be used as an AC adapter, battery charger or external DC power inlet port.

Technical Specifications

Kind of power inlet AC, External DC and battery charging
AC power supply Input 100 V to 240 V AC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Power cord ACC-14 ~ 17
Battery charging Battery/ Capacity BTR-09 / 4.0 Ah
Charging voltage 14.8 V
Battery charge cord DCC-18
External DC Input 10 V to 15 V DC
Power supply Power cord DCC-12, DCC-13
Power supply selection Automatic
Dimensions, WxDxH 132 x 117 x 38 mm
Weight 386 g


  • Fujikura 19S
  • Fujikura 19R
  • Fujikura 70S
  • Fujikura 70R
  • Fujikura 80S

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