Tablets and Laptops Repair Set

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Short Review: For tablets and laptops you will need equipment such as IR BGA rework station, BGA reballing kit, thermal adhesive tape, BGA balls and a protective reflexive tape. We recommend the following models: Jovy Systems RE-8500 rework station, ACHI LP-56 BGA reballing kit, Jovy Systems JV-K030 adhesive tape, Jovy Systems JV-PB65 BGA balls and a Jovy Systems JV-R050 protective reflexive tape. When choosing these particular models you will get a 10% discount!

Tablets and Laptops Repair Set

Tablet PC & Laptop Repair Equipment Set includes an infrared soldering station and additional SMD & BGA reballing tools. The kit will be useful for repair engineers, technicians, and for computer service centers.

Jovy Systems BGA reballing station, ACHI BGA reballing kit, protective tapes and BGA balls in one kit ensure a wide range of applications for repair works with computer equipment and repairing SMD, BGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA components. This combination of soldering means may satisty the needs to complete all the stages of SMD/BGA rework process.


  • Laptop motherboard repair
  • Tablet microchip repair
  • Computer PCB repair
  • PC video adapter repair
  • Video game console repair:
    • Xbox 360 / Xbox One reballing
    • PS3 / PS4 reballing
  • BGA chip reworking & reballing
  • Removing Northbridge ICs

Package Contents

1. Jovy Systems RE-8500 is an all-purpose infrared BGA rework station, which is designed for recovering huge PCBs, such as motherboards. It is one of the best soldering stations on the market. Jovy RE-8500 is equipped with two lower preheaters.

2. ACHI LP-56 is a multi-functional BGA reballing kit with a convenient station for holding stencils with height adjustment, and a set of 56 BGA reballing stencils.

3. Jovy Systems JV-K030 is a heat-resistant, high-temperature protective tape (30 m). Used for circuit boards and electronic components protection from high temperatures during the soldering process.

4. Jovy Systems JV-R050 is a self-adhesive protective reflexive tape for soldering (50 m). Used for circuit boards and electronic components protection from infrared radiation effects during the IR soldering process.

5. Jovy Systems JV-PB65 - BGA balls for reballing. Diameter: 0.65 mm, quantity: 250 000.

6. ACHI (0.5 mm) - tin-lead BGA balls for reballing. Diameter: 0.5 mm, quantity: 250 000.


Jovy Systems RE-8500 Infrared BGA Rework Station

ACHI LP-56 BGA Reballing Kit

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