Temperature Controlled Lead-Free Soldering Station GOOT RX-802AS

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Weight: 7.5 kg
Voltage: 220 V
Warranty: 12 month
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Goot RX-802AS Short Review: A compact and lightweight soldering station with excellent heat recovery. Perfect for working with high melting point lead-free solders and micro soldering.

GOOT RX-802AS is a compact and lightweight lead-free soldering station with excellent heat recovery. It combines sophistication and high efficiency in a compact design, promising excellence in soldering work for the lead-free generation. Fine solder coated grooves protect tip from atmospheric oxidation. Perfect for working with high melting point lead-free solders and micro soldering.


  • Compact, high output heater controlled by high sensitivity sensor
  • New ergonomic design hand-piece with shorter distance from grip to tip
  • Reaches set temperature in 6 seconds
  • Easy-change tip with no tools or heat resistant pads needed
  • Thick iron alloy coating for lead-free soldering
  • Anti-oxidation tip
  • Low heat hand-piece
  • Keypad lock function
  • Sleep function
  • Calibration function
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable traceability
  • Digital temperature display

Technical Specifications

Input voltage 220 V AC
Power consumption 80 W
Soldering unit voltage / consumption 24 V AC / 70 W
Temperature range 450 °C
Leak Voltage ≤2 mV
Ground Resistance ≤1 Ω
Dimensions Soldering iron 158 mm
Main unit 146 (L) × 115 (W) × 98 (H)
Weight Soldering iron 25 g (excluding cord)
Main unit 1.8 kg (excluding cord)

Package Contents

  • Soldering station — 1 pc.
  • Soldering iron stand — 1 pc.
Note! The soldering tip is not included in the package.

Compatible Changeable Soldering Tips

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Goot RX-80HRT-0.5C
Goot RX-80HRT-1C
Goot RX-80HRT-2C
Goot RX-80HRT-2CD
Goot RX-80HRT-3C
Goot RX-80HRT-3CD
Goot RX-80HRT-4C
Goot RX-80HRT-4.7C
Goot RX-80HRT-0.8D
Goot RX-80HRT-1.2D
Goot RX-80HRT-1.6D
Goot RX-80HRT-2.4D
Goot RX-80HRT-3.2D
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Goot RX-80HRT-4.5K
Goot RX-80HRT-4.5KH
Goot RX-80HRT-5.5K

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