Wooden Mechanical 3D Puzzles – Perfect for Brain Fitness


In the age of electronic technologies development, more and more people become deeply involved into the digital world, instead of reality. These moments make us feel the lack of physical contact with objects. One of the ways out is to get yourself busy doing some interesting and relaxing tasks, which may allow your eyes have a rest, get your brain to work, and entertain you – these are DIY hobbies. One nice example of such a hobby is creating 3D models from special construction sets. These sets for DIY assembly are called 3D Puzzles.

3D Puzzle

What is a 3D Puzzle?

3D puzzle is a set of separate elements to be assembled together according to a certain manual. As a result you get a complete three dimensional model. The model may represent almost any existing object – it depends of the creativeness of those who develop these puzzles.

The engineering efforts made a further step forward. Traditional 3D puzzles are followed by next generation innovative mechanical moving models.

One of the manufacturers of unique and rather unusual DIY kits - three dimensional mechanical models for self-assembly - is called Ukrainian Gears. The development and manufacturing of these products is situated in Ukraine.

The puzzles offered by the manufacturer represent the models of different well-known machines and equipment. The product range includes such complicated mechanical devices as a dynamometer, a timer, a tractor, a harvester, etc. Most of the 3D puzzles may be propelled: after you complete assembling them, the ready-made models either have some moving components, or they are able to move themselves. The machines are set into movement using the human muscle force, gravity force, air flow force, as well as using a so called ‘rubber motor’.

The assembly is conducted without using any tools and devices. It may be easily done at home. You don’t need anything accept for your own hands, some patience and a user’s manual.

3D Puzzle

The quality of components manufacturing is very high – laser technique is used for cutting the elements out of a plywood board. You will find these plywood boards inside the package and all you have to do is to push out the items out of them towards yourself to get separate construction elements. One more advantage is the package itself – it is handy and nice, so it is a pleasure to receive this product as a gift. Apart from the construction set parts, the package includes the illustrated step-by-step model assembly manual. All the captions in the manual and on the package are provided in both English and Ukrainian.


3D Puzzle

The spheres of using these models are limited by your imagination only. The moving models may be used as a toy, or as a time-killer to get maximum fun. You may also use the nice-looking models made of delicate components as a decoration of your office, café, studio, or home. Some models have applied significance. For instance, a Mechanical Box may be used as a business card or credit card holder; a carefully assembled Timer will count the time for you.

The models with moving elements precisely represent the principles of the device mechanics, engines and machines operation. Therefore, these construction sets may be interesting to people involved in modeling, mechanical engineering, and physics. The operability of the mechanisms depends on the assembly accuracy, as well as carefulness and precision of elements fitting. That is the reason such a construction set develops the skills and carefulness.

As you may guess, mechanical 3D puzzles may be an exciting toy for kids, as well as an entertainment for adults and the process of puzzle assembly may get the whole family busy for a couple of hours.

You may also try upgrading your model to your own taste. You may do it with the help of color paint. The colored model may become more realistic and bright. The simplest way is to paint the complete ready-made model. However, most of the models have a number of small parts and different openings, mechanisms and other hard-to-reach places that may make the result look less tidy and nice than expected. That is why the best way out is to paint the puzzle when it is still disassembled. You should investigate the puzzle components and then paint and dry each of the details in the colors you need.


The process of puzzles assembly encourages developing carefulness and assiduity, as well as has a positive effect on emotional state. Exciting and unhurried activities stimulate cerebration. For those who got tired at work, assembling a 3D puzzle helps their brain to relax and to restore the balance of the psychoemotional state.

Besides, operation with small components and the need of their precise assembly develops fine motor skills of the hands, imagination, memory, mental capabilities. The positive effect of manual movements on human brain development was known back in the 2nd century BC in China.

The world’s famous philosopher Immanuel Kant stated that “The hand is the visible part of the brain”. The relation between the hand and the brain development was acknowledged by modern research.

3D Puzzle

Puzzles successfully perform human development function. Physiologists claim that there is a straightforward intercommunication between the cerebral hemispheres and the sensory nerve ending located in hands and touch balls. Hand muscles activity enhances the central nervous system operation. Thus, evolution of a child is aided up by the effect of kinetic pulses from the fingers. The kids with a high level of fine motor skills development have good logical reasoning skills, highly developed memory, attentiveness, and coherent speech. Psychologists note that child’s mental abilities start forming very early and this progress depends on expanding the child’s activities, including the general physical activity. Hands development is closely connected with development of speech and cogitation.

You should also keep in mind that reasonable modeling activities have a positive effect on your eyesight as opposed to electronic devices and video games.

Eco Issues

The workpieces for 3D models are manufactured out of ecologically clean material – high-quality wood supplied from Carpathian region in Eastern Europe.

No glues or other chemically active materials are used during the puzzle assembly.

The construction set may be recycled after use. It is eco-friendly and has no hazardous impact on the environment.


As you may have understood, a hobby of DIY puzzle modeling has a number of advantages. Such a process will be exciting and useful at the same time. It is obvious that such a Mechanical 3D Puzzle will be an excellent peculiar present for a young craftsman, as well as for an adult person who already has everything he needs.

Let’s make useful presents!

3D Puzzle
Customer Feedback

It’s rather difficult to get my kids interested with anything – they are fond of TV and video games. But when I bought this puzzle the kids were absolutely thrilled – we were busy assembling it till late at night. That was a game, an education and a personal development at a time. Best emotions and experience – that’s what a dad needs!

Taras Vons


I recommend it to all. I hope you try building up, so as to understand how it works. The supplement manual in Japanese helps you.

Hiroaki Kurashige

That was cool! I’ve spent almost 2 hours trying to get the thing together, and now I’m proud of myself. Guys, it’s a perfect time killer – I strongly recommend it! I’m gonna buy some more – they should be out of the run gifts.

Yuriy Usachov

We have managed to put the Tram together within 2 evenings. The preparation process is also rather challenging. The puzzle looks more like a toy. Though, the 4-year old child is not able to put it together itself, but doing that together with an adult is fun.

Yulia Dyedyk

I haven’t chosen the aesy way and started my acquaintance with 3D puzzles with a Tram and a Tractor. I have to say that both the tram and the tractor require certain assiduity. You may have to try more than once to succeed. However, when I managed to start the mechanism I felt a childish delight and pride for the work done. I recommend it to everyone – it’s a great occupation for the whole family.

Yuriy Stakhniak

3D Puzzle

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Customers Feedback

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