PC Based USB Digital Oscilloscope Hantek 6022BE

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PC Based USB Digital Oscilloscope Hantek 6022BE
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PC-based dual-channel USB digital oscilloscope with 20 MHz bandwidth, 48 MS/s sampling rate, and up to 1 Mpts memory depth. Read more
USD 59.00
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USD 59.00
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Hantek 6022BE is a flexible dual-channel PC based USB digital oscilloscope. Control and data display is conducted with the help of a personal computer, laptop, netbook, or tablet under the Windows operating system via a USB interface.

Be careful! While measuring voltage, be sure to set the attenuator on the probe correctly! If the measured voltage is too high, it will damage the tool and may be dangerous for you and the connected computer. Do not measure the voltage over 35V in 1X probe mode!


  • USB 2.0 interface, no external power required.
  • May be used with laptop computers.
  • Aluminium body.
  • The device can be positioned both horizontally and vertically.
  • Takes up a minimum of table area.
  • 48 MS/s real time sampling rate, 20 MHz bandwidth.
  • The software supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000.
  • 23 measurement functions, self-test.
  • Waveform average, intensity, inverting, electronic luminophor emulation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, X-Y graph.
  • Signals may be saved in text, jpg/BMP, MS excel/word formats.
  • Cursor measurements.
  • Math functions:
    • Signal A + Signal B.
    • Signal A — Signal B.
    • Signal A × Signal B.
    • Signal A / Signal B.
    • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Automatic measurements.
    • actual frequency amplitude
    • total harmonic amplitude
    • noise
    • signal/noise ratio
    • bits effective number (the number of ADC/DAC bits needed to give the same signal/noise ratio)
    • signal/noise ratio (with harmonics included in the noise)
    • harmonic distortion ratio
    • entire signal RMS value
    • actual frequency RMS value
    • harmonic and noise RMS value
    • maximum voltage
    • minimum voltage
    • total amplitude
    • top voltage of the statistical maximum (excluding outliers)
    • base voltage of the statistical minimum
    • middle 50% from top to base
    • entire measurement RMS value
    • base — top amplitude
    • entire measurement average
    • first cycle average
    • overshoot up (max-top *100%)
    • overshoot down
    • period duration
    • frequency
    • front
    • fall
    • duty cycle (logical 1 and logical 0, in percent)
    • duration log. 1 and log. 0
  • Multiple devices can be connected to one computer.

Technical Specifications

Channels 2
Bandwidth 20 MHz
Sample rate 48 MS/s (single-channel mode)
24 MS/s (dual-channel mode)
Impedance 1 MΩ 25 pF
Vertical resolution 8 bit
Ranges 20 mV - 5 V, 8 steps
DC Accuracy ±3%
Time ranges 1 ns-5000 s, 39 steps
Vertical position control yes
Input protection diode (35 V peak)
Trigger mode Auto, Normal and Single
Trigger level adjustable yes
Trigger type Rising edge, falling edge
Trigger source CH1, CH2
Buffer size 10 K-64 KB/Channel
Vertical mode CH1, CH2, Dual, ADD
Power Supply USB
Dimensions 200 mm × 100 mm × 35 mm

Package Contents

  • PC Based USB Digital Oscilloscope Hantek 6022BE — 1 pc.
  • Probes — 2 pcs.
  • Cable USB — 1 pc.
  • CD with Software — 1 pc.
Number of channels
  • dual-channel
  • USB
  • 20 MHz
Storage Capacity
  • 64 kB
Sample Rate
  • 48 MSa/s

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