RIGOL DS1102D Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope Review (Part 1)

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In the first part of this review we would like to provide the detailed information about the RIGOL DS1102D Dual-Channel Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope with a Digital Analyzer.

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope

The companies producing measuring equipment try to drag attention to their advanced features characterized by the best achievable characteristics. Usually the price of such equipment is rather high and the equipment is intended for a limited range of customers. In spite of the widely-spread high-speed electronic circuits operating in gigahertz band, the bandwidth of 100 MHz will be sufficient for the most of digital oscilloscope users. In the nearest future such equipment will be the basis of repair&service workshops, and it will remain relevant for years.

Recently the Chinese manufacturer RIGOL has joined the group of the world leading manufacturers of digital oscilloscopes. The achievements and product quality of Rigol Technologies are really amazing, while the price of the products is even more than attractive. The RIGOL Technologies strikes with its pricing policy and in the same time grade up with such world leaders as Agilent Technologies and Tektronix.

In April 2006 the RIGOL Technologies announced the production of the new DS1000 series of digital oscilloscopes. The new series is aimed at creating the primary level models of digital oscilloscopes that both meet the customers' requirements and are within moderate price range. Besides, the RIGOL offers a modification of a digital oscilloscope with a built-in 16-channel logic analyzer.

Dual-channel digital oscilloscopes are able to diagnose the phase of a signal taken as a reference one relatively to the other signal. The operation in vertical and horizontal deflection modes makes possible the visualization of electric processes.

RIGOL DS1102D Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope with a logic analyzer is designed for conducting some more specific measurements, it is characterized by a bandwidth of 100 MHz for obtaining the required results. RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope can detect noncyclic or random effects, conducts auto measurements, mathematical operations with signals and possesses many other useful functions. One more important feature of RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope is a connectivity with printer and computer for saving the results of measurement.

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope
RIGOL DS1102D Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope with a Digital Analyzer

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope Technical Specifications

Bandwidth 100 MHz
Real-time sample rate 1 GS/s
Equivalent sample rate 25 GSa/s
Rise time 3.5 ns
Input impedance 1 M Ω ±2%
Line-rate deflection time 1 ns/div – 50 s/div
Display 5.6"TFT (64K, Color LCD), 320×234
Channels Dual channels + External trigger
Memory depth 1 Mpts/channel
Vertical sensitivity 2 mV/div – 10 V/div
Vertical resolution 8 bits
Input (A1 and A2) DC, AC, GND
Trigger types Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternative
Trigger modes Auto, Normal, Single
Time interval measurement accuracy ±0.01%
Maximum input voltage 400 V (DC + AC peak, 1 M Ω input impedance 10X), 5 V (Vp-p, 50 W input impedance, BNC)
Math Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, FFT
Auto measurements

Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, Vover, Vpre, Freq, Period, Rise, Fall, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay

Cursor measurements Manual, Track and Auto Measure modes
Storage 10 waveforms and 10 setups
Voltage / Power 100–240 V, 40–440 Hz. CAT II. / 50 W Max.
Weight 2.4 kg

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope Features

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope Sample Rate

A good balance of sample rate and bandwidth is a very valuable feature of RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope. Oscilloscope bandwidth is 100 MHz at a sample rate of 400 MSa/s. The optimal correlation of these parameters should be at least in two times, and the more is the difference the better. Not all popular low-cost oscilloscope manufacturers meet these important requirements, though neglecting this condition leads to errors in signal representation after its interpolation, as the more high-frequency signals reach the ADC input.

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope Memory

Another important parameter of digital oscilloscopes is its memory depth. Dual-channel digital oscilloscope RIGOL DS1102D has an UltraZoom memory depth of one megapoint per channel. In dual channel operation mode the oscilloscope memory depth is equally distributed among the channels ensuring comfortable operation and ability of compound signals' detailed analysis. RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope memory depth does not affect its operation rate.

Degenerate signal detection

In spite of all advantages of low-cost digital oscilloscopes, they are still not able to replace analogue ones completely. Digital oscilloscopes are often not able to display composite waveforms, such as video signals. In the most low-cost digital oscilloscopes the point brightness of displayed waveform is not correlated with signal location at that point, so these oscilloscopes are not able to detect the degenerate signals. RIGOL Technologies eliminated this drawback in DS1000 series of digital oscilloscopes. For achieving the optimal signal display RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscopes have the additional option – beam brightness adjustment.

Adjustable synchronization level

Adjustable synchronization level allows limiting the effect of noise level on the time base stability. In RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope the threshold value of synchronization sensitivity is set by user within a range from 0.1 division to 1.0 division. Due to the alternate time base mode RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope allows simultaneous displaying of two unsynchronized signals.

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope USB interface

RIGOL DS1102D dual-channel digital oscilloscope is characterized by an advanced USB interface providing all the USB options needed for operation:

  • USB port on the back panel for PC connection allows data readout for processing and controlling the digital oscilloscope operation modes.
  • USB port on the front panel allows connecting flash drives for waveform storage or data printout.

RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope file manager operates with a standard FAT/ FAT32 file system.

Input signal digitization

RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope digitizes the signals in two modes (user adjustable):

  • in real-time mode;
  • in equivalent mode.

A built-in Pass/Fail filter together with a mask editor of RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope allows easy detection of signal deviation, and an optron galvanic separation of Pass/Fail output guarantees high industrial interference resistance and easy control device connection. RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope provides storage of 1000 signal frames. The storing option may be enabled with a Pass/Fail signal ensuring the auto recording of all abnormal signals without user interference.

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope Modes

RIGOL DS1102D Dual-Channel Digital Oscilloscope Control

The controls and regulators on the control panel of RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope are divided into zones according to their function. They are labeled to ensure quick search while working with the digital oscilloscope. The active button is highlighted. On holding the button pressed for more than 3 seconds a help text describing its function can be viewed on the screen in English or Chinese.

The analogue signals may be displayed either one by one or both at the same time. The information about the amplitude scale and total period scale as well as triggering offset time is separately displayed for these signals. The signal may be stored in the memory, stopped for displaying, analyzed. The display picture may be adjusted for saving a display screenshot in *.bmp format.

Time-base adjustment is carried out simultaneously for two channels. The signal magnitude scaling for two channels can be done separately.

Digital Analyzer Mode

RIGOL DS1102D Logic Analyzer
Logic Analyzer
RIGOL DS1102D Logic AnalyzerLogic Analyzer Cable

The logic signal head is a module with one side connectable to the digital analyzer input using a cable, and the other one connectable to the control points of the circuit.

A test lead for digital analyzer contacts is equipped with a grip appearing on pressing a button. All inputs have numbers from 0 to 15.

16-channel digital analyzer is able to display 1 to 16 channels simultaneously.

This allows simultaneous tracking of the input and output signals of electronic circuits, diagnostics and debugging of circuits comprising the built-in 8 or 16-bit microcontrollers, digital signal processors, PLDs, ADCs, DACs. This is a very useful option for the analysis of unknown digital device operation or for faulty IC testing.

In digital analyzer mode (LA) there is a possibility to use any number of inputs. Any moment the needed channel can be disconnected and connected via software, and the location of channels on the screen can be also changed.

The UltraScope Software is available with RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope. With its help the oscilloscope readings and signal parameters may be displayed on the computer screen. These are the same options as those provided in the oscilloscope, though it is more convenient to use the software for saving the data into a PC.

The control panel is identical to that in the oscilloscope. After establishing connection with the oscilloscope it may be controlled using the PC only.

Analogue Measurements Mode

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope Test Leads

RIGOL DS1102D Digital Oscilloscope Test Leads
Digital Oscilloscope Test Leads

All cables should have a reliable insulation and their measuring clamps should be in perfect condition. RIGOL DS1102D dual-channel digital oscilloscope is equipped with two test leads with a dividing head 10:1. Test leads with a bandwidth no less than 100 MHz are used in RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope for undistorted reproduction of the observed processes.

The test leads have to be adjusted with digital oscilloscope inputs. RIGOL DS1102D dual-channel digital oscilloscope is equipped with a calibration squarewave generator with a 1 kHz bandwidth and 300 mV amplitude. The oscilloscope sensitivity is adjusted by connecting the test lead to the generator output to have a possibility of correct generator signal amplitude measurement. Observing the edges and voltage levels of squarewave signals displayed on the screen allows to inspect the frequency characteristic of the measuring test lead. In case of doubts if test lead operates correctly this simple action allows to diagnose the test lead: the squarewave signal of the built-in generator will not be displayed on the screen in case of test lead malfunctioning.

If the most correct meander wave displaying on digital oscilloscope screen is needed the trimmer capacitor of the tester should be adjusted  with a special plastic screwdriver or other nonmetallic tool.

Signal form control using a waveform

Overcompensation Correct  compensation Undercompensation
Overcompensation Correct compensation Undercompensation

Screwdriver for tester adjustment
Screwdriver for tester adjustment

There are nozzles for RIGOL DS1102D digital oscilloscope provided:

Head with a test lead
Head with a test lead
Head with a test lead
Nozzle with sides
Nozzle with sides
Spring nozzle for precision ICs
Spring nozzle for precision ICs
Tester spare needle
Tester spare needle
Color rings for the testers
Color rings for the testers

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