Soldering Tips Selection Table


If you have purchased a soldering station and are trying to equip it, you are surely asking yourself: "How to choose a soldering iron tip?", "Which tips are compatible with my station?", "Which types of tips can I buy?".

As an answer to all of those questions, our technical experts have created a compatibility table of soldering iron tips.

Choosing a Soldering Iron Tip

AOYUE soldering iron tips of “T” series are presented in the table. They are compatible with Lukey soldering stations, AOYUE soldering stations (except the ones for lead free soldering) and all soldering stations of the HAKKO 900 standard.

Compatible Soldering Stations

All of the soldering iron tips mentioned above may be used with the following popular soldering station models:


If you are still not sure which soldering station you need, please take a look at our "How to Choose a Soldering Station" article or contact our technical experts.

Enjoy your shopping!

Yuriy Stakhniak,
Technical expert of Toolboom online store

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